Friday, May 27, 2011

What the!


what the.....

My mind has been thinking too much over the last week and has been a bit all over the place. That is what happens when good mates pass away. The scary thing is that it is almost 12 months to the day after another mate died....and for what. Somehow these young men need to know that there are options available. Both lads part aboriginal....coincidence??? 18 months ago I also attended another mates funeral. It seems as you get over one, another tragedy occurs.
Yesterday morning my brother Josh and I attended the final goodbye for my mate Slade McElhone. I think myself and others have been holding together pretty well but we let everything out and nothing was left unsaid. We all had our own stories and memories of Slade. I found the day pretty difficult as did others and we arrived locked in arms as a guard of honour and left the same way showing to all that none of us are alone and with a couple hundred people at the funeral neither was my brother boy.

When you are confronted with these situations it does reinforce what you have and how lucky you are. My wife and my boys are my life, I would do anything for any of them.

See ya mate, I will see you agian in another life!

On the 5th June (Danielle's birthday) is judgment day for me. I have my Police fitness and theory testing. I had a practice run about two weeks ago at a Police open day and scored 91 out of 100, getting 11.2 on the beep test and receiving full marks on everything else except for the sit and reach. This is not just going to be another job for me, this is going to be my career and something I will do for the rest of my life. I have got alot of drive to smash this test and the theory afterwards, not just for me but for my family. Danielle is working four days a week. Two days at the hospital which she loves (nursing) and the other two days at a doctors surgery doing admin work. I know that the admin stuff is frustrating Danielle and I don't blame her. I need to get into the police to give her a break and not have to do admin work for a bunch of people who don't give her the respect that she deserves.

The hospital has been really good and I have been open to them about applying for the police. They have given me next week off and have just offered me a new job which will take me up to when the police training starts in October. Everyone has been very positive and supportive during this process. So I am currently 81kg and the fittest that I have been. Unfortunately I have had a couple of niggling injuries that hopefully I can smooth out over the next week.

So the countdown is now on, it seems like I have been waiting for this test forever and it is now here. I will blog regularly over the next week to keep everyone updated on how it is going.