Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top End Rugby

Hello I have created a new blog called Top End Rugby. This blog will have a pile of information on both forms of rugby from the Top End and beyond.

It is a work in progress so have a look and see what you think!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Step Forward

Another step towards the Police is now complete.

In the Police application you need to supply a completed form which says that you can complete a 200m swim. That form needs to be signed of by a life guard or someone that holds a bronze medallion. The last time I went for the Police I did exactly that. Do I need to remind anyone that I did not get into the Police last time around.

So how did I improve myself in this regard? Well weekend just gone I completed my bronze medallion course through the Royal Lifesavers. The course went all weekend so unfortunately I did not see my family for the third weekend running but at least I have something out of it.

I have decided that I am going to put everything into getting into the Police this time. If I am not accepted this time, I will not try again! I have been trying for at least three years and I am goinig to do everything in my power to get through this time but if it is not to be I need to look at other opportunities.

"Some men succeed because they are destined to, but most men succeed because they are determined to."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yes my first blog for this year is a February blog and a slight bitch session.

Why oh why does it seem that everywhere I look there are people around who seem to just look for things that I am doing that they can tell me how much short of the mark I am. My wife 99% of the time is the reason I stick things out and try for a positive outcome. Whether it is in sport or lately my professional aspirations it seems that most people are saying good for you for trying even though you know it is out of your league! WTF is wrong with people??
If people are thinking this about what I am doing now what do they really think about my dream of becoming a police officer?? What am I supposed to start acting like a complete prick like most people seem to think all cops are like??

As you could probably tell this is starting to really get to me. As the old saying says "If you have nothing nice to say shut the #@*! up" It is funny what motivation you get when you are doing weights at still training to be a cop! I am going to be doing my Bronze Medallion this weekend.

Anyway this is a good vent at the beginning of the year.

Because I have not updated my weight or anything I shall inform you that right now for the first time in my life I am now lighter than my two younger brothers @ 84.6kg, only 6kg to go until my goal and in the health BMI catagory. And yes I am slowly starting to see abs emerge from my stomach, something I have not seen since school. I would insert a photo here but our camera has decided to stop working so this is the best I can do until next time. Both shot at the Darwin Wave pool.