Monday, March 21, 2011

A Slap in the Face

Hello no bullshit just straight to it. I had an eye test on Friday last week (one of the requirements for the police) and they ask for not only your corrected vision test but also your uncorrected vision ie: no glasses or contacts. With my contacts in perfect vision 6/6 which is the same as 20/20 vision. It is my uncorrected vision which is the interesting part for entrance into the police you need to have an uncorreected visual acuity of 6/19 in the bad eye, which is equivelent to 1/3 of normal vision in the bad is the good part. My good eye's visual acuity is 6/24 which is the the same as having 1/4 of normal vision, my bad eye is 6/30. If you do the math that is 1/5 normal vision.

What does this mean? Buggered if I know if you use logic it means that there will be no chance of getting into the police. Unless we spend $10,000 getting corrective laser surgery with no assurances that I will get in anyway. The police do say that they take each application and judge it on a case by case basis so my only hope is that I do everything else at 100% and they decide to give me a chance. I have come too far for this to shoot me down. I have lost the 'most' of the excess weight I have been carrying around plus courses and getting fit all for the one goal and that is to get into the police.

No more half ass bullshit from me anymore so far everything physical I have done in the last 6 months I have been pushing myself but not to the extreme, for the simple fact that if I came out of somthing with an injury or the like that put me out of the testing for the police I would crack it big time.....well guess what I have cracked it  anyway. That means that the few rugby tournaments I have played in over the last few months, the gym and anything else physical I have definantly not gone up to that final gear.. well ch chink! (noise of changing gears) full throttle from now on with no backward step. Through my life thing generally happen which make the decisions for me not any more what ever happens from now on it is because I want it to happen not because other outside events or things have changed.......This is my life............

We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.
- Louisa May Alcott

Friday, March 18, 2011

I had a plan!

Yesterday I had a little spare time at work so I was having a scan across the net when I thought I would have a look at my wife blog to see if anything interesting was happening at home while I was at work. Something was happening and it was not good. It was a frustrated blog from my wife mixed with all other negative emotions you can think this seriously made me feel physically sick  in the stomach knowing that this was how she was feeling. Unfortunately we do not get to just sit down and talk much because of the boys, work, rugby and fitness. Here is our typical day. I get up at 5.30am to go to the gym from there I go straight to work sometimes I come home for lunch but usually I don't see my family until after 4.30 in the afternoon. Then at quarter to 5 Danielle goes to the gym and it is my turn to watch the boys. When she gets back it is a mad rush to get dinner boys fed, showered and bed. Danielle generally looks after my youngest son Naythan and I get Tennyson to bed unless he wants to go to bed with mummy. On the other days I am going to rugby or Danielle to work. Currently the weekends haven't been great family time either. Because money isn't our friend I find myself working Saturday and Sunday helping my dad with his gardening business. Any free time I get I am quite literally "Fucked" pardon the french! I know that all of our bills, lack of money and lack of time for each other are playing on both of our minds at the moment.

Anyway my plan. Mum was going to take the boys for the evening while I was at Rugby and Danielle was at work. So I thought after realising Danielle's frustration I would do the initial fitness training at Rugby then go home and give the house a bit of a once over. So I got home plugged in the ipod into the stereo, turned the music up and cleaned up. All I wanted to do was give the house a clean so when Danielle got up this morning all she needs to think about is breakfast and the boys, not the dishes, washing, floors, benches and multitude of crap that some amazingly appears before you know it. I am going to make a consious effort to try and make Danielle's life a little easier...Love you Baby.

Also I also read something about Danielle feels that she is cheating on me when she gives me a cuddle because I have lost so much weight and the good old squishy bits are dissappearing.....I have now created an alter ego aka: Enrique her latin lover.....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tenno's first taste of Rugby

Today my son Tennyson had his first training run for the Casuarina Cougars under 5's. In this age group they don't actually tackle it is like a hybrid game of touch. Tennyson was in his element and started running with the under 7's and was loving it.
Tenno is the one on the right of the lad with the ball. Passing in a circle with the under 7's

This, like I said was his first training session, but honestly and ignore that I am a bias, proud and excited father you could not tell. He was like a duck to water. He was running, passing, kicking and even a bit of tackling. Anyway pictures speak louder than words so take a look.

Tenno with his arms out making sure the spacing is right!
A bit of agility training.

Tenno in full flight out to get a football.
Running with some team mates

Tenno running up to Dad to let me know how much fun he is having and to tell me what he is doing.

That's my boy the first of many I think. Well done Tennyson!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

General Update

I have been really slack of late but seriously, are you suprised? Last week I came down with some random bug that the boys had which knocked me around a bit. Then this week I had the flu pretty good and I have had to take the last two days off. As with most things there is a silver lining and that was that my boys were home with me. What would have capped it off would have been if Danielle was home to but the last two days she has been working at the hospital.

Obviously being crook and living in Darwin where it rains most of the day lately there was not much outside time. But today I was able to sqeeze a bit of time at the park with the boys and this was the result.

And with this result my face was looking the same they had a ball and I don't get to do this much with my sons because I am at work all week and most weekends I am working with my dad halping out with his gardening business. So I savour these moments, like I said the perfect day would have had my wife in the middle of the boys.

Just thought I would throw this photo in because I could.

On another issue, my weight loss/fitness update. Current weight stands at 82.9kg down 13.4kg since I started this blog. It is amazing how you feel when you loose weight and get fit. We have been in full swing at Rugby doing the beep test then sprint after sprint mix a bit of impact work and ball skills followed by timed multiple 400, 200, 100 and 50 metre sprints, before I know it the oval's lights are on and we have been doing this for almost 2 hours. Add my 6am gym sessions three days a week and doing garden work with dad on weekends, I think I am on track to smash this police testing. Which might I add has been scheduled for the 5th of June......Danielle's birthday! Did I mention that the testing starts at 6am and finishes at about 4.30am..........Bugger!! Applications for the police close on the 13th of May so not long to go now. Also at Rugby training our fitness trainer is actually one of the police trainers at the college, so Matty has been pushing me at training...which I love almost like having your own personal trainer...for free!

Ok that is it for me today and I promise my next blog will have some updated photos of me. See ya!