Saturday, June 6, 2015


It is funny the things you think of when you are sitting by yourself 3000 odd km away from your family.

Like a blog you haven't touched since mid 2012. Oh the things that have happened in the past three years........

I would love to tell you everything but that would take me a lot longer than my attention span can handle right now. So here is a quick round up, Dani and I now have three boys! Little Isaac was born on August 12 2013, pretty sure we have our hands full with this little fella. Dani is still working at Royal Darwin Hospital only two days a week though, her full time job is looking after the boys and holding our household together. I am still in the Army, I have been promoted and now work in the Mortar Platoon. Tennyson is almost eight and in year 2 at school and Naythan is five and in Transition. Both boys are playing rugby for Casuarina Cougars and making both mum and dad proud in so many ways.
Done very brief but I will endeavour to keep up with posting now that I have remembered about this thing. Talk soon..

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