Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weight and Fitness update!

I am still an amature on the blog scene so when I do not blog for a while just stay with me it will get better. Ok so my goal is to eventually get into the NT Police, with that I need to be in the healthy weight range but also get my core fitness up to a level where I will give the recruitment staff no choice but to take notice.

Unfortunately I am still in the 'overweight category' which sucks but I am getting there. I can't beleive I am going to do this but I am about to post some before and after photo's.

Ok on the left was me earlier this year, and mind you not even at my biggest. At this stage I weighed in at about 96kg. In my last attempt to get into the police I weighed in at 97kg. The heaviest I got to was 98.8kg that was just after we returned from Tassie in August. On the right was me the weekend just gone weighing in at 86.9kg.   

I am going to the gym at 6am most mornings try to get there at least 3-4 times a week and also the rugby 7's training twice a week to look after my cardio. The plan at the moment is to try and shed another 4-5kg by January 22. I have chosen this date because this is my first milestone, that weekend I will be playing (with my brothers) in the Hottest 7's in the world tournament which is held here in Darwin every year. This tournament has become a very popular international tournament because of the $65000 prize money involed in it. This is going to be a real test as the opposition are real quality alot of the guys playing have represented their country from time to time in tournaments such as the Commonwealth Games and World Cup events not to mention the IRB sevens competition.....pure class. If I can get through this then I will have proven to myself that I am a real chance to get into the police. Then milestone 2 is that I will be going for my Bronze Medallion in February, and milestone 3 will be my police recruitment testing in June. Hopefully the end result goes my way. Between now and then it is going to be hard don't get me wrong, right now a have hit a little hill where I am always exhausted not so much sleepy but my body just needs to recharge a little. Maybe Christmas has come at a good time for a little break....maybe! Talking about sleepy and recharging it is time to go to bed me thinks.


  1. You look awesome baby. I can't believe you looked like that - we were chubsters!

    Love you. Where is ur muscle photo? That was a good one. Hehe.

  2. Holy Shit Luke! You look really good - I guess cos its been so gradual we didn't notice as much. Have a look at the newspaper photo I texted to Dani the other day.

  3. WooHoo, great effort Luke and good luck next year!

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  5. you look GREAT!! great team work you two!!

  6. Good for you, Luke. Please send motivation down south! Auntie V