Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rugby and Stuff!

The weekend just gone we had our Corporate Rugby Sevens comp Grand Final. Even though we finished the seven week comp in second place we still had to qualify to play in the big game against the team who finished in third spot. The team we had to play first was named Defcredit, and you guessed it full of Army boys. They had good things going for them and some not so good. They were super fit and they had enough players to field two teams but they were not the most skillful bunch of guys.
My younger brother Josh and teammate George takling a Defcredit lad.

We had a little scare in the beginning of the game and after the first half we were only one try in front. Second half started and we went up a level and they had no chance. This was a very physical game and we all felt a lot better when it was over.

That win had put us into the decider against Hot 100 who had gone through the season undefeated and the only team who had beaten us during the season.
Ready for the start of play the first photo of all three Phillips brothers on the same Rugby park. Josh closest, Zac forth down and me at the far end.

This Hot 100 team have been the favourites to take this comp out from the very first day, something we wanted to make sure did not happen. The first half of play there was a lot of physical play with flashes of speed and skill. We played hard and at half time we were all locked up. When the second half began it was like there was no half time break we started where we left off. Our biggest plus was our defence, they had the highest try scorer on their side and through the whole game he touched the ball twice. Our defence made them get frustrated and they started to give away a few penalties.
We are being awarded a penalty.

Our boys held strong and started to put some points on the board. So the unbeatable team was beaten by us in the final. What a great feeling and to do it with my two younger brothers was pretty special. I also had my wife and kids there to share the moment as well. For someone who has never played any form of Rugby Union and to finish the comp as the second highest try scorer I thought was pretty cool....10 tries. So this Rugby tournament has finished and this week training starts for the next one in mid January The Hottest Sevens played here in Darwin. This comp has a total prize pool of $65,000 so this is now a fairly major tournament on the international calander. So my fitness will continue through into the new year. Bring it on!

I should give a little weight update while I am here also, I am now sitting at 87.4kg lowest point so far. Currently feel like I have hit a little peak that I just need to push thru to start losing even more but why stop now, I have lost over 10kg since I began my fitness program. I will be updating more regularly so talk to you soon.


  1. It was awesome to watch Hot 100 go down!

    And you look great at 87kgs. Love you.


  2. YAY well done!!!! (for both the win and the loss haha)