Monday, September 13, 2010

So it Begins!

I have decided to attempt to gain entry into the Northern Territory Police Force....again. This will actually be my fourth application but things are alittle different this time around. In my previous attempts I have passed all that they put in front of me, which of course is frustrating when they say try again next time. I went into the testing with not much training or physical conditioning. In the physical testing you need to gain a mark of 50 out of 100. The last time I took the phyical was in January this year where I recieved a 70 out of 100, which is a pass and was my best score yet but still not enough. This time around I am aiming to achieve 90+ to give them no doubt but to sign me up.

My strength training is going well as I am already lift what I was when I applied earlier this year. It is my running endurance that needs the boot up the rear end, as the multi stage fitness test (beep test) has the largest allocation of points at 40 the best I have achieved previously is 20 and for every level you go up the points increase by 5. I have set up the beep test in our back yard and have a copy on my ipod, so I don't disturb the neighbours. My latest attempt was 6.0 which is 3 points off my best at 9.2 which I achieved midway through a Rugby season. By the time testing comes around I want to be at 10 (at least) but that is my goal anyway.

They check your BMI as well to make sure you are reasonably healthy too. Currently I am 96.3kg @ 177cm which puts my BMI @ about 30.83 so I am officially OBESE so enough on that but I will keep you informed to my progress on that front. The next intake is about to close this Friday, but due to when I tried out last time I have to wait til January 18 to apply again so this will be a long haul but one I hope will be worth it.

I will update as to my progress every Sunday so here we go, wish me luck!