Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today is Sunday isn't it?

Yes Yes I did say that I will post on Sunday's but I am a bloke so Sunday can also mean later in the week. Anyway straight to it my weight as of Sunday was 95.5kg which is a loss of  .8kg. A loss is good but stil not happy with that. Lets set the bar at 1.5kg loss this week lets see how I go. I started Rugby Union sevens training with my brothers Zac and Josh, not sure if I will have a run but will see later on. I am what you call a Rugby League die hard I have almost all the history you can get in books and DVD's, so union??? Hmmmm I suppose it will get me fit.

My brothers Josh on the left and Zac on the Right with my son Tennyson after their Grand Final win this year.

Also on Monday a called the police to find out when their next recruitment was and the guy I was talking to said maybe May next year, then he added but there is a possibility it could be in October! I almost fell off my chair. At least if it is October I should be pretty fit with a full season of rugby under my belt (probably still league) anyway on that bombshell, I shall take my leave. I think this quote is fitting:

'Nothing is predestined: The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings'


  1. Agree with Dani.. except about the love you baby stuff... that would just be plain weird!

    Even if it is October as you say you will be a lot fitter.. plus you will also learn how to maintain it and what works for you etc.