Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back in action

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog probably too many other things happening at the moment. If anyone has been following my get fit quest I have broken the 90kg mark and now stand at 89.6kg. First time in the past 5-6 years since I was under 90kg.

I have been playing Rugby sevens over the last three weeks and I seem to be going alright. I have played 6 games and so far have six tries to show for my efforts. Considering this is my first crack at any form of Rugby Union I think that counts as a pass. It is fun playing on the same team as my two younger brothers a sense of pride to watch the two play and brotherly rivalry considering I have racked up more points than they have.

I was going to put some photos and talk about a whole bunch of stuff but the body has decided it is bed time so I shall do that tomorrow. 

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