Friday, March 18, 2011

I had a plan!

Yesterday I had a little spare time at work so I was having a scan across the net when I thought I would have a look at my wife blog to see if anything interesting was happening at home while I was at work. Something was happening and it was not good. It was a frustrated blog from my wife mixed with all other negative emotions you can think this seriously made me feel physically sick  in the stomach knowing that this was how she was feeling. Unfortunately we do not get to just sit down and talk much because of the boys, work, rugby and fitness. Here is our typical day. I get up at 5.30am to go to the gym from there I go straight to work sometimes I come home for lunch but usually I don't see my family until after 4.30 in the afternoon. Then at quarter to 5 Danielle goes to the gym and it is my turn to watch the boys. When she gets back it is a mad rush to get dinner boys fed, showered and bed. Danielle generally looks after my youngest son Naythan and I get Tennyson to bed unless he wants to go to bed with mummy. On the other days I am going to rugby or Danielle to work. Currently the weekends haven't been great family time either. Because money isn't our friend I find myself working Saturday and Sunday helping my dad with his gardening business. Any free time I get I am quite literally "Fucked" pardon the french! I know that all of our bills, lack of money and lack of time for each other are playing on both of our minds at the moment.

Anyway my plan. Mum was going to take the boys for the evening while I was at Rugby and Danielle was at work. So I thought after realising Danielle's frustration I would do the initial fitness training at Rugby then go home and give the house a bit of a once over. So I got home plugged in the ipod into the stereo, turned the music up and cleaned up. All I wanted to do was give the house a clean so when Danielle got up this morning all she needs to think about is breakfast and the boys, not the dishes, washing, floors, benches and multitude of crap that some amazingly appears before you know it. I am going to make a consious effort to try and make Danielle's life a little easier...Love you Baby.

Also I also read something about Danielle feels that she is cheating on me when she gives me a cuddle because I have lost so much weight and the good old squishy bits are dissappearing.....I have now created an alter ego aka: Enrique her latin lover.....

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