Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tenno's first taste of Rugby

Today my son Tennyson had his first training run for the Casuarina Cougars under 5's. In this age group they don't actually tackle it is like a hybrid game of touch. Tennyson was in his element and started running with the under 7's and was loving it.
Tenno is the one on the right of the lad with the ball. Passing in a circle with the under 7's

This, like I said was his first training session, but honestly and ignore that I am a bias, proud and excited father you could not tell. He was like a duck to water. He was running, passing, kicking and even a bit of tackling. Anyway pictures speak louder than words so take a look.

Tenno with his arms out making sure the spacing is right!
A bit of agility training.

Tenno in full flight out to get a football.
Running with some team mates

Tenno running up to Dad to let me know how much fun he is having and to tell me what he is doing.

That's my boy the first of many I think. Well done Tennyson!

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